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Safepoint is one of the leading European online game service providers. Here you can find best quality accounts covered by Lifetime Warranty, fastest boosts and a large amount of other services.

Our website was created in 2017 as small World of Warcraft account selling business. From the first day of work safety of accounts and boosts became our main priority and we are doing our best to improve the RMT market.

Why should you trust us?

You don't have to! But you can trust real customers on many platforms that have dealt with us within past years. Our feedback is 100% positive on every single marketplace and forum where actual customers leave reviews, all our customers are provided with exceptional service, fair warranty and full-time support.

Feel free to check it yourself!

You can be convinced of the variety of our assortment and the quality of accounts in the section of sold items.

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Mads Hamder

Safepoint!If you want to buy a character/account with tons of premium stuff? THIS is the site to do it. High vanity, great items/mount, you name it! You'll be guided through the entire process, don't be afraid to ask questions, cause everything will be done for you! 5/5! SOLID, FAST AND VERY EASY!

Samuel Scott

Sold a very high value character to…Sold a very high value character to these guys full of unobtainable items, good price, good service


I bought a character from them and they…I bought a character from them and they helped me at every step. You guys can trust them 100%. They even helped me after the purchase, they advised a name change service guy and he was also really helpful. Thanks guys

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