Lifetime warranty

Security Checks

No recoveries.
No parental control.
No chargebacks.
Nothing that can ruin
Your experience.

Original Owners

We work only with original owners of accounts we sell. Owners have to provide multiple ID photos
that match account name.

Stay Safe

Online-game market
is a dangerous place with lots
of people being scammed.
With our security measures,
less that 1% listings experience any trouble.

24/7 Support

You can contact us anytime
and our operators will be
here to help.

Our warranty starts from the day of payment and has no expiration date.

If account becomes unplayable, we will do our best to recover it back.

Most of cases are resolved at that step, but if our specialists didn't manage to do it, buyer receives compensation in form of store credit.

If you have an issue within 3 months, you will receive 100% compensation.

If you have an issue between 3 months and 6 months, you will receive 50% compensation.

If you have an issue after 6 months, you will receive 25% compensation.

1. Warranty works only for account retrievals by original owners.

2. There are no refunds if buyer is tired or not enjoying the account.

3. Refund is not applied if buyer resells the accounts, gifts it or shares account login with other person.

4. Warranty voids if an attempt to retrieve the payment was made by customer.

5. Buyer receives compensation in form of store credit or same-quality account.

6. Warranty voids, if the account receives ban for inappropriate actions.

7. Refund is applied only with 2 months after warranty-covered incident has happened.

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