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Online-game market is a dangerous place with lots of people being scammed. With our security measures, less that 1% listings experience any trouble.

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Safepoint support works around the clock. You can contact us anytime and our operators will be here to help.

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Mads Hamder

Safepoint!If you want to buy a character/account with tons of premium stuff? THIS is the site to do it. High vanity, great items/mount, you name it! You'll be guided through the entire process, don't be afraid to ask questions, cause everything will be done for you! 5/5! SOLID, FAST AND VERY EASY!

Samuel Scott

Sold a very high value character to…Sold a very high value character to these guys full of unobtainable items, good price, good service


I bought a character from them and they…I bought a character from them and they helped me at every step. You guys can trust them 100%. They even helped me after the purchase, they advised a name change service guy and he was also really helpful. Thanks guys

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