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WoD S3 Gladiator DK

achievements: 2620

class: Death Knight

ilvl: 41

type: Character

Swift Zulian Tiger

achievements: 670

class: Hunter

ilvl: 170

type: Account

Sinful Gladiator Priest

achievements: 2040

class: Priest

ilvl: 226

type: Character

Elite Set Priest

achievements: 29750

class: Paladin

ilvl: 298

type: Account

Solar Spirehawk

achievements: -

class: -

ilvl: -

type: Character

Premium 30k AP Warrior

achievements: 32695

class: Warrior

ilvl: 189

type: Account

Mount Collection Hunter

achievements: 2915

class: Hunter

ilvl: 209

type: Account

Elite Set Monk

achievements: 1850

class: Monk

ilvl: 54

type: Character

MoP CM Death Knight

achievements: 9225

class: Death Knight

ilvl: 220

type: Character

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Mads Hamder

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Samuel Scott

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I bought a character from them and they…I bought a character from them and they helped me at every step. You guys can trust them 100%. They even helped me after the purchase, they advised a name change service guy and he was also really helpful. Thanks guys

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