3x Gladiator Priest

x3 Gladiator
20 Completed Priest Sets
PvP Tabard: SL S1
Tabard of the Protector
x781 Marks of Honor
Mage Tower: Hunter - MM

Top Undead Priest!

  • 401 ilvl;
  • 70 lvl Alts: Druid, Rogue;
  • 60+ lvl Alts: Warlock, Shaman, DH, DK, Mage, Warrior, Evoker;
  • Allied Races: Lightforged draenei, Nightborne, Highmountain Taurens, Vulpera!

Unique Collection!

  • Cloth Elite Set: SL S1-4, DF S1;
  • 20 Completed Priest Sets;
  • Anathema/Benediction
  • Val’anyr, Dragonwrath, Warglaives of Azzinoth, Sulfuras, Thori’dal, Thunderfury, Shadowmourne;
  • PvP Tabard: SL S1;
  • Tabard of the Protector, Tabard of the Argent Dawn, Competitor’s Tabard;
  • Pandaria Legendary Cloak;
  • Black War Bear (In Bags);
  • x781 Marks of Honor;
  • x2 Vicious Saddles;
  • Warcraft Movie Weapons (Horde);
  • Legion Mage Tower: Hunter - MM!

18795 Achievement Points, 186 Legacy, 101 Feats of Strength!

Rare Title:

  • The Unstoppable Force (Only 10% of players have this unique title!);
  • Legend of Pandaria!
  • Gladiator: TBC S1, S3, SL S1;
  • Elite: SL S1, S3
  • The Prestige;
  • Warmongering Conquest;
  • Not Even a Scratch;
  • Storming Stormwind;
  • Immortal No More;
  • 50k Valor Points;
  • Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh (10), N’Zoth, Azshara, G’huun, Gul’dan, Helya, Xavius, Lei Shen, Sha of Fear, Emperor;
  • Time is a Flat Circle;
  • Bfa Keystone Master S4;
  • WoW Anniversary: 4 - 8, 10 - 16, 18!

103 Mounts, 83 Unique Pets!

World Rarest Mounts:

  • Swift Nether Drake (Less than 1% of players have this unique PvP mount, Unobtanable!):
  • Vengeful Nether Drake (<1%, Unobtanable);
  • Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater (2.5%, Unobtanable)!

Rare Mounts:

  • Kor’kron War Wolf (Unobtanable), Grove Warden (Unobtanable), Obsidian Worldbreaker (Unobtanable), Uncorrupted Voidwing (Unobtanable)!


World of Warcraft
3x Gladiator Priest
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