Swift Zulian Tiger

Transfer Open
Tabard of the Argent Dawn
Max Professions

Top Undead Mage!

  • Champion's Arcanum(R10): 6/6;
  • Illusionist's Attire(ZG): 4/5!
  • Helm: Champion's Silk Cowl, Netherwind Crown;
  • Neck: Charm of the Shifting Sands, Pebble of Kajaro;
  • Shoulders: Champion's Silk Mantle, Zandalar Illusionist's Mantle, Arcanist Mantle;
  • Back: Sapphiron Drape;
  • Chest: Legionnaire's Silk Tunic, Zandalar Illusionist's Robe, Bloodvine Vest;
  • Bracers: Zandalar Illusionist's Wraps, Arcanist Bindings;
  • Gloves: Blood Guard's Silk Handwraps, Gloves of Undead Cleansing;
  • Belt: Mana Igniting Cord;
  • Leggings: Legionnaire's Silk Legguards, Bloodvine Leggings;
  • Boots: Blood Guard's Silk Walkers, Arcanist Boots;
  • Rings: Band of Servitude, Flaming Band, Don Mauricio's Band of Domination, Don Rodrigo's Band;
  • Trinkets: Briarwood Reed, Talisman of Ephemeral Power, Zandalarian Hero Charm, Eye of the Beast;
  • 2H Weapons: Staff of the Ruins, Staff of the Qiraji Prophets;
  • 1H Weapons: Bloodcaller;
  • Offhand: Jin'do's Bag of Whammies, Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire;
  • Ranged weapons: Mar'li's Touch, Banshee Finger, Thoughtblighter, Wand of Biting Cold!

All Raid Attunements!

Notable Items:

  • Wands: Nature, Shadow, Frost;
  • Blood Scythe;
  • Onyxia Scale Cloak;
  • Tabard of the Argent Dawn!


  • Frostwold Clan - Exalted;
  • The Defilers - Revered;
  • Warsong Outriders - Honored;
  • Argent Dawn - Honored;
  • Cenarion Cirle - Honored;
  • Zandalarian Tribe - Revered!

Mount: Swift Zulian Tiger(100%)


  • First Aid 300/300;
  • Cooking 300/300!


  • Realm Transfer available!


  • Gehennas PVP!


WoW Classic
Swift Zulian Tiger
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