High-End Demon Hunter

Mythic-Raiding DH
7/10 NH M | 914 ilvl
12 Legendaries (All BiS for DD)!
2 geared alts | 200k+ gold & more...

If you are looking for TOP character prepared for actual Raids, Mythic+ and next patches, then this Demon Hunter is absolutely for you!He has insane amount of Legendaries (12!), so you can comfortable play in ALL aspects of WoW!

Top Night Elf Demon Hunter!

• 914 ilvl;
• Twinblades of the Deceiver 52 traits;
• Aldrachi Warblades 42 traits;
• AK: 34 LvL;
• The EN 7/7 M, ToV 2/3 M, The Nighthold 7/10 M! (/w Curve);
• 15+ Keymaster;
• SimDPS 920.000;
• Mythic+ Score: 1800;
• Mythic+ Experience: 1400 Dungeons (Amount of Mythic 15+ Dungeons-54);

12 Legendaries (All BiS for DD)!

• Fragment of the Betrayer's Prison;
• Prydaz;
• Kirel Narak;
• Kil'Jaeden's Burning Wish;
• Loramus Thalipedas' Sacrifice;
• The Defiler's Lost Vampraces;
• Delusions of Grandeur;
• Achor, the Eternal Hunger;
• Raddon's Cascading Eyes;
• Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers;
• Anger of the Half-Giants;
• Cinidaria, the Sympiote!
• Equipment and Trinkets for all Specs;
• Legion Flight;
• Hidden Artifact with all appearances!

2 lvl-110 Alts!

• 895 Warrior (2 Legendaries);
• 844 Druid!


• Free Battletag Change;
• 210.000 Gold;
• 800+ Blood of Sargeras!

Armory: https://legion.maskedarmory.com/armory/wow/profile/591b64e463af0f4845d45c88


World of Warcraft
High-End Demon Hunter
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