Premium Scarab Lord Mage

Glacial Leggings
25k Personal AP
Mage Tower
Brewfest Ram Access
Black Qiraji War Tank
Hand of A'dal
108 Exalted Reputations

Unique Collection in bags!

  • Mage Tower: All Specs;
  • Glacial Leggings (Naxx40 Quest Reward);
  • Tabard of Frost;
  • Tabard of Argent Dawn;
  • Thunderfury;
  • Dragonwrath;
  • Yellow Brewfest Stein;
  • Pandaria Legendary Cloak;
  • Master Trainer's Tabard;
  • Eternal Quintessence;
  • Competitor's Tabard!

25760 Achievement Points, 299 Legacy, 74 Feats of Strength!

  • Prestige Quartermaster (Lvl-25 Prestige);
  • 108 Exalted Reputations;
  • Veteran of the Shifting Sands;
  • The Fifth Element;
  • Agent of the Shen'dralar;
  • Hero of Shattrath;
  • The Last of Us;
  • Hero of the Zandalar Tribe!

Rare Titles:

World Rarest Mounts!


World of Warcraft
Premium Scarab Lord Mage
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