Icebane Ashbringer Paladin

Corrupted Ahbringer in bags
Death's Bargain in bags
Icebane Helmet in bags
Naxx40 Weapons
Wotlk Prepatch Set
Tier 3 Paladin

Top Human Paladin!

  • 211 ilvl;
  • Kyrian: Rank 33;
  • 80+ Exalted Reputations!

Unique Collection in bags!

  • Blessed Battlegear of Undead Slaying: 4/4 (WotLK Prepatch Set);
  • Elite PvP Set: Legion S5/6/7;
  • MoP CM Set;
  • Mage Tower: Protection, Holy;
  • Tabard of the Argent Dawn;
  • Tabard of Fury (TCG);

Naxx40 Items:

  • Corrupted Ashbringer (Most Valuable Sword in game, Deleted Model);
  • Death's Bargain (Shield, Deleted Model);
  • Icebane Helmet (Frost Resist Helm, Deleted Model);;
  • The Widow's Embrace;
  • Spaulders of the Grand Crusader;
  • Redemption Tier 3 Set: 6/8!

18605 Achievement Points, 271 Legacy, 57 Feats of Strength!

  • Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season Three;
  • the Insane;
  • Champion of the Naaru;
  • Hand of A'dal;
  • the Undaunted;
  • Chef;
  • Bloodsail Admiral;
  • the Faceless One;
  • Legend of Pandaria;
  • Hero of the Zandalar Tribe;
  • Charger!


World of Warcraft
Icebane Ashbringer Paladin
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