5x Gladiator Shell

6 Elite Sets
Demonic Tyranny
Keystone Master
Demonic Storm Dragon
All BfA Proto-Drakes

Top Human Paladin!

  • 93 ilvl;
  • Allied Race: Zandalari!

Unique Collection!

  • Rare Enchants: Demonic Tyranny, Dreadflame, Void Edge;
  • 21 Completed Priest Sets;
  • Val'anyr!

Elite PvP Sets:

  • Plate: BfA S3;
  • Cloth: BfA S1-S4;
  • Priest: Legion S5,6,7!

10770 Achievement Points, 30 Legacy, 44 Feats of Strength!

  • Mad World;
  • Fighting on Two Fronts;
  • BfA Keystone Master: S3, S4;
  • Ahead of the Curve: Argus, Jaina, Uunat, Azshara, N'zoth;
  • Gladiator: Legion S7, BfA S1-S4;
  • Just the Two of Us: 2200;
  • Three's Company: 2700;
  • WoW 15th Anniversary!

Rare Title:

65 Mounts, 72 Unique Pets, 58 Toys!

World Rarest Mounts:

Rare Mounts:

  • Clutch of Ji-Kun, Spawn of Horridon, Mail Muncher, Awakened Mindborer (Unobtainable), Obsidian Worldbreaker (Unobtainable), Azure Drake, Uncorrupted Voidwing (Unobtainable), Violet Spellwing (Unobtainable), Vicious War Turtle, Vicious War Bear, Vicious War Fox, Vicious Black Warsaber, Vicious White Warsaber, Vicious War Basilisk, Vicious War Elekk, Vicious War Lion, Squawks, Vicious Gilnean Warhorse, Twilight Avenger, Island Thunderscale,;
  • Vicious War Riverbeast, Vicious War Mechanostrider, Vicious War Ram, Steamscale Incinerator, Sylverian Dreamer, High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker,;
  • Squeakers the Trickster, Vicious War Steed, Vicious Kaldorei Warsaber, Bloodgorged Hunter, Blessed Felcrusher, Aerial Unit R-21/X, Prestigious Azure Courser, Black Serpent of N'Zoth!

Rare Pets:


World of Warcraft
5x Gladiator Shell
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