Premium 25k AP Rogue/DK

8/8 Warrior T3
Xavius Shoulders
Mage Towers: DH, DK
Blue/Red Argus Scythe
416 Mounts
Bloodfang Widow

All achievement earners are present on account and most of transmogs are in bags!

Top Blood Elf Rogue!

  • 206 ilvl;
  • Night Fae Renown: Rank 55;
  • Alts: 60 lvl DK (201ilvl), 46 lvl Warrior, lots of deleted characters;
  • All Allied Races!

Unique Collection:

  • Completed Sets: DK - 40, Rogue - 25;
  • 84 Heirlooms;
  • Dreadnaught T3 Warrior: 8/8;
  • World-Defiler's Plate: 8/8;
  • Mage Tower: DH - Havoc, DK - Unholy, Frost;
  • Scythes of the Unmaker (Blue, Red);
  • First Satyr's Spaulders;
  • Sword of Nefarian's Hand (Deleted Model, Vanilla 2h Sword);
  • Sul'thraze the Lasher;
  • Shadowmourne, Fangs of the Father, Azzinoth Warglaives, Sulfuras, Thunderfury;
  • Tabard of the Void;
  • Warcraft Movie Weapons!

25020 Achievement Points, 238 Legacy, 53 Feats of Strength!

Rare Titles:

  • Predator;
  • Breaker of the Black Harvest;
  • A Legendary Campaign;
  • Theramore's Fall;
  • Darkspear Revolutionary;
  • Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan, Sire Denathrius;
  • WoW Anniversary: 8 - 16!
  • Salty (Only 6% of players have this unique title);
  • The Unstoppable Force (10%);
  • Legend Of Pandaria!

416 Mounts, 392 Unique Pets, 428 Toys!

World Rarest Mounts:

Rare Mounts:

  • Abyss Worm, Fiery Warhorse, Headless Horseman's Mount, Onyxian Drake, Azure Drake, Ashes of Al'ar, Flametalon of Alysrazor, Core Hound, Swift Brewfest Ram, Blue Drake, Silky Shimmermoth, Pestilent Necroray, Wild Glimmerfur Prowler, Colossal Slaughterclaw, Phalynx of Purity, Bulbous Necroray, Infested Necroray, Horrid Dredwing, Highwind Darkmane, Amber Ardenmoth, Chittering Animite, Ren's Stalwart Hound, Xinlao, Court Sinrunner, Darkwarren Hardshell, Beastlord's Irontusk, Clutch of Ha-Li, Malevolent Drone, Beastlord's Warwolf, Armored Plaguerot Tauralus, Shadowhide Pearltusk, Battle-Bound Warhound, Pandaren Kite, Netherlord's Accursed Wrathsteed, Shadowblade's Crimson Omen, Shadowblade's Baneful Omen, Shadowblade's Lethal Omen, Prestigious War Wolf, Eternal Phalynx of Purity, Wastewander Skyterror, Netherlord's Brimstone Wrathsteed, Gravestone Battle Gargon, Frostshard Infernal, Cloudwing Hippogryph, Grand Ice Mammoth, Frostwolf Snarler, Pale Thorngrazer, High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker, Eclipse Dragonhawk, Highmountain Elderhorn, Crusader's Direhorn, Breezestrider Stallion, Unshackled Waveray, Ironside Warwolf, Grove Defiler, Leywoven Flying Carpet,;
  • Great Sunwalker Kodo, Spinemaw Gladechewer, Grand Wyvern, Archmage's Prismatic Disc, Wildseed Cradle, Netherlord's Chaotic Wrathsteed, Sunwalker Kodo, Ice Mammoth, Umbral Runestag, Grand Armored Wyvern, Shimmermist Runner, Ironclad Frostclaw, Blessed Felcrusher, Bloodflank Charger, Glorious Felcrusher!

Rare Pets:


World of Warcraft
Premium 25k AP Rogue/DK
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