9x Gladiator Warlock

Earners still on acc
9x Gladiator Drakes
Seasons 3,4,5,8,9
19, 20, 29,30
Old Elite Sets in bags
Hero of the Horde

Top Orc Warlock;

  • 162 ilvl;
  • Kyrian Renown Rank 26!

Unique Collection!

Elite PvP Sets:

  • Cloth: BfA S4;

  • Leather: BfA S3, SL S1, S2;

  • Warlock: Legion S1/2, S5/6/7;

  • Druid: Legion S1/2, S3/4;

  • Elite PvP Items: Shoulders Legion S7, Shoulders S11, Chest S11;

  • Elite PvP Weapons: Dagger S11, Wand S9, Dagger S9, Dagger S8, 2H Staff S8;

  • PvP Cloaks: BfA S3, S4;

  • PvP Tabards: Season 6, 7, 8, BfA S3, S4, Legion S7;

  • The Horseman's Baleful Blade (Deleted Model);

  • x4 Vicious Saddle;

  • x77 Mark of Honor (Warlock), x240 Mark of Honor (Druid)!

16750 Achievement Points, 194 Legacy, 92 Feats of Strength!

  • Warlock: Gladiator - S3, S4, S5, S8, S9, BfA S4;

  • Druid: Gladiator - Legion S1, S2;

  • Warrior: Gladiator - SL S1;

  • Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate, Xavius, Argus, Azshara, N'Zoth;

  • BfA Keystone Master: S4;

  • Time is a Flat Circle;

  • Hero of the Horde: Ruthless;

  • Last Man Standing;

  • High Five: 2200;

  • WoW Anniversary: 4-9, 12, 15, 16!

Rare Titles:

275 Mounts, 110 Unique Pets, 77 Toys!

World Rarest Mounts:

Rare Mounts:

  • Spectral Wind Rider, Infinite Timereaver, Prestigious Royal Courser, Armored Razzashi Raptor, Prestigious Forest Courser, Grand Black War Mammoth, Brawler's Burly Mushan Beast, Glacial Tidestorm, Awakened Mindborer, Headless Horseman's Mount, Obsidian Worldbreaker, Pureblood Fire Hawk, Ashes of Al'ar, Swift Brewfest Ram, Blue Drake, Grove Warden, Uncorrupted Voidwing, Violet Spellwing, Ensorcelled Everwyrm, Vicious War Basilisk, Sunreaver Hawkstrider, Stormwind Steed, Island Thunderscale, Orgrimmar Wolf, Darnassian Nightsaber, Grand Ice Mammoth, Ivory Cloud Serpent, Mecha-Mogul Mk2, Forsaken Warhorse, Ironside Warwolf, Gorestrider Gronnling, Grove Defiler, Craghorn Chasm-Leaper, Bristling Hellboar, Vicious War Scorpion, Vicious Warstrider, Vicious War Spider, Ice Mammoth, Stonehide Elderhorn, Spectral Wolf!

Rare Pets:

Gladiator earner is present on account!


World of Warcraft
9x Gladiator Warlock
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